Absolute Viktoria: The sow with strength of character and balanced breeding traits

Above-average meat content, pronounced hams and lean, meaty belly are the signature finishing results of our Viktoria.

And to make sure everything runs smoothly beforehand, we have carefully optimised litter size, rearing performance and stability and bred intensively for a calm temperament. db.Viktoria creates the perfect conditions for a smooth workflow – the key to making you happy and your farm profitable.

A balanced approach wins in the end

Maternal instincts:

The maternal db.Viktoria is calm and even-tempered. The sow lies down carefully without crushing the piglets, and often lies on her side to allow them to suckle.


We carry out careful monitoring to ensure the disease-free status (SPF) of breeding operations and implement targeted vaccination programmes 


The number of piglets per litter is of key importance to the profitability of piglet production. With db.Viktoria we have succeeded in further increasing fertility without overlooking other breeding traits.


Leg problems lead to premature sow losses and reduced profitability. Therefore, with db.Viktoria we paid careful attention to limb and hoof stability.


The sow’s behaviour towards her fellow species is an important factor for day-to-day management. db.Viktoria’s trump card is her calm and gentle nature which reduces the daily workload and makes her the ideal choice for group housing systems.


Quality counts: Good carcass and meat quality are a high priority for end consumers. BHZP breeding sows have always performed well in this area and db.Viktoria is no exception.