Get your catheters and accessories delivered at the same time

We supply a wide selection of catheters which can be delivered with the semen. For a small extra charge, you can also order other items in our range from the AI centres. We additionally offer supplies from our partner Anifarm at an affordable price. Anifarm stocks a wide range of agricultural and veterinary consumables alongside day-to-day operational supplies. Orders from BHZP AI customers are delivered with the semen orders by the BHZP courier service. The convenient way to purchase all your operational needs.


db.Besamung: Our service to you

Reliable courier service

The reliable BHZP courier service makes daily deliveries to our customers in Schleswig-Holstein, Lower Saxony and the new federal states.

Our courier vehicles are equipped with state-of-the-art air conditioning: Modern climate-controlled boxes with compressors can maintain a constant temperature of 15 to 18°C, creating optimum conditions for the survival of the boar semen.

BHZP scanner service

We provide an ultrasound testing service for reliable pregnancy diagnosis performed by qualified and experienced personnel. This proven technology enables you to identify non-pregnant sows and sows returning to oestrus at an early stage.

  • Detect fertility problems in good time
  • Reduce lost days to a minimum
  • Unproductive sows can be culled at an early stage with optimal weighting of commercially relevant characteristics

Registration and questions

Your regional AI centres and our scanning staff are available to answer any questions:

  • Frank Scharfe, Alveslohe AI centre (Schleswig-Holstein):
    Tel. +49 1 62 1 04 14 50
  • Melanie Mielke, Suderburg AI centre (central and southern Lower Saxony):
    Tel. +49 1 62 1 04 14 44
  • Hugo Böcker, Emsland AI centre (Emsland):
    Tel. +49 1 70 / 8 19 09 20
  • Paul Lau, Emsland AI centre (Emsland):
    Tel. +49 1 62 1 09 64 78