The Eco King!

With outstanding feed conversion ratios and high daily weight gains, db.77® scores highly on traits which are often incompatible: He combines optimum profitability with consideration for the environment.

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Intensive testing ensures the reliable genetic progress of db.77®.

  • High health status
  • Rigorous selection: Solid testing under practical conditions by the Spranz central testing station
  • Most comprehensive progeny testing programme in Germany
  • Centralised genetic evaluation with optimal weighting of commercially relevant characteristics

db.77 is characterised by the following qualities

  • Homozygous, stress-resistant terminal boar from the Piétrain family
  • The most widely used boar in Germany
  • Outstanding weight gain
  • Great piglet vitality
  • Reliable carcass traits
  • Outstanding meat quality
  • Excellent feed conversion ratios

Tailor-made – and with the ‘Aha effect’!

The db.77® is the top-ranking terminal boar on the German market and is consolidating its position through product diversification. So now you have a choice!

The well-balanced db.77® Aha ticks all the boxes for key biological and commercial traits such as daily weight gain, feed conversion rate and reliable carcass quality!

Bred for more meat, db.77® Effekt is a good alternative.

With a reduced risk of boar taint, db.7711® progeny can be finished without castration.

Over 50,000 slaughter data points  from db.77® progeny!

Last year over 50,000 slaughter data points were collected from animals in the progeny testing programme and individually assigned to their sire. This field data demonstrates the enormous performance potential:

Daily weight gain (g) 878
Slaughter weight (kg) 94.2
Back fat thickness (mm) 14.58
Lean meat thickness (mm) 63.58
Lean meat ratio (%) 58.87
Ham (kg) 18.25
Loin (kg) 7.13
Belly meat (%) 57.69
Index (points / kg) 1.007

db.77®: Champion in the product quality test

Four boar lines, one clear overall winner: the BHZP db.77® came top in the latest product quality test undertaken by the North Rhine Westphalia Chamber of Agriculture.

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Boar performance testing und genetic evaluation at BHZP