Using db.Planer on a tablet

db.Planer can be installed only on tablets running Microsoft Windows 8® or a higher version of the Windows operating system. PLEASE NOTE: db.Planer does not run on tablets with Windows 8 RT!

You can install db.Planer from a CD (requires external disk drive) or download it from the link below. Copy your license number from your licence CD to a USB stick for example, and then upload from the menu “Extras --> Licence --> Select license from chosen folder”.

We recommend protecting your tablet with an Aquapac waterproof case when using it in the shed. You can use the tablet through the flexible membrane of these submersible cases using your finger or a special pencil.

Download a data entry interface for tablet

You can download clear data entry interfaces with large font sizes that make data entry on your tablet easier for you. Click here for more information.

Tablet interface for horizontal data entry

Tablet interface for vertical data entry