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Guarantees animal health and first-class product quality

Our Veterinary Association – an intrinsic part of the overall BHZP breeding programme.

There is no greater asset than animal health in the pig industry. To guarantee the health of the animals in our care, BHZP founded a Veterinary Association in 1984. This BHZP subsidiary not only provides integrated veterinary care for livestock on our member breeding farms; it also establishes strict quality standards for the individual stages of the BHZP breeding programme and monitors compliance, and has been doing so for decades. The Veterinary Association operates as an independent network which designs, supervises and reviews numerous preventative studies and monitoring activities. As a member of a partnership under German Civil Code, the Veterinary Association is authorised to provide services exclusively to BHZP. The Veterinary Association has an extensive and continuously expanding remit, including monitoring compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements. With its renowned specialist vets, the Veterinary Association has provided essential services to the BHZP breeding programme for years – making it a cornerstone of BHZP’s outstanding product quality.

Role of the Veterinary Association:


  • • establish and maintain the BHZP health status throughout Germany
  • • devise and review monitoring systems
  • • record, evaluate and relay findings
  • • perform abattoir diagnostics
  • • issue health certificates to consultants and customer vets
  • • coordinate veterinary training internally and in independent practices
  • • undertake tasks required by technical and supervisory authorities
  • • QS antibiotics monitoring
  • • revoke and approve the health status
  • • provide a specialist point of contact for insurance companies and customers' vets