Green Klara: Innovative breeding development from BHZP

The new db.Klara meets all the requirements for organic sows.

As a breeding company, BHZP sets new standards in pig production throughout Germany. BHZP produces high-end products with valuable genetic characteristics – successful boars and sows with big names such as db.Viktoria. We invest a great deal of time and effort in our breeding programme: Closely monitoring health status and product safety, complying with statutory requirements for animal welfare, implementing requirements for carcass quality ... and last but not least, the complex selection process.

And now BHZP has entered a new product in the sow breeding register: db.Klara. The new db.Klara has been selectively bred to meet all the requirements for a successful organic sow herd.

Special rules apply to the rearing, housing and feeding of organic sow herds. The BHZP has specifically addressed increasing consumer demands for organic products and growing demands for organic pig production. Health status, animal welfare and meat quality – these are the hallmarks of BHZP.

The German name Klara (en. Clara, lat. clarus) means clear, pure or beautiful and was a very popular girls' name in the early 1900s. But Klara is not just beautiful and German to the core, she is also 100% organic. Why else would we have gone to these extraordinary efforts to breed her?

By the way, the name db.Klara perfectly complements the victorious db.Viktoria. Our two favourite ladies!

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