Transport – a key to our success

Fully air-conditioned high-end transporters with state-of-the-art UV and automatic ventilation systems.

Sophisticated health management is the backbone of BHZP’s success. All our actions are governed by such indispensable quality criteria as the exclusive use of controlled/designated farms of origin, safe quarantine stations, PRRS certificates and immunisation programmes. The individual measures that make up our health management strategy combine to ensure reliable protection against infectious diseases – but more than that, they safeguard the highest standards of safety and biosecurity, excellent product quality and profitable production on your farm.

Hygienic animal transportation is key to the success of BHZP health management. It complies with legislative requirements governing the welfare of animals in transport (e.g. the German Animal Transport Directive TierSChTRV I/2005 EC, the Carriage of Livestock (Road Vehicle Standards for journeys exceeding eight hours) Regulation 411/98 EC) as well as the the German Road Vehicle Licensing Act STVZO, which governs vehicle height, overall weight, minimum space allowance etc.). But for us, animal transport means far more: We believe we have an ethical and moral obligation to provide the highest possible standards of welfare for the animals in our care – on behalf of our partners, customers and end consumers.

We have a fleet of fully air-conditioned, state-of-the-art transporters which guarantee the safe and stress-free transportation of our valuable BHZP breeding stock.
The 400 hp trucks can carry 30 boars or 120 gilts in comfort. These fully enclosed high-tech vehicles are fitted with special equipment to ensure optimum hygiene and animal welfare standards. One of the challenges is to transport breeding stock from A to B without transporting certain infectious diseases. VzF’s air-conditioned transporters have a UV light chamber which filters and disinfects the ambient air during the journey to exclude PRRS. The automatic UV light system, the ventilation system and the CO² levels can be monitored and if necessary adjusted from the on-board computer in the driver's cab. The UV system and active carbon filters instantly eliminate any harmful bacteria in the supply air. Integrated pressure washers and disinfection systems are installed to maintain the high health status of BHZP breeding stock. To ensure greater comfort during driving and resting times, the vehicles are equipped with heatable drinkers, heating and cooling systems and special feeders. The ventilation system generates a positive pressure in the loading area which, together with the UV system, prevents germ-laden outdoor air entering until the last animal has been unloaded.

We ensure that our valuable gilts and boars are transported only by permanent staff who are specialised in the transportation of breeding stock, have received additional training and use their ‘own’ familiar vehicle. As HGV drivers they regularly attend courses (e.g. to keep up to date with vehicle cleaning and disinfection regulations) and/or attend driver safety training courses. The BHZP sets high standards in this area too ... we leave nothing to chance.