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BHZP GmbH (German Federal Hybrid Breeding Programme) with headquarters in Ellringen, Lower Saxony is one of Germany's largest pig breeding companies. Our breeding, AI and software divisions offer premium quality products, extensive industry expertise and diverse services.

“We are dynamic, hard-working and committed to investing in a successful, sustainable business ... but still not sufficiently on the radar of piglet producers, consultancy organisations and so on. Furthermore, the market is extremely competitive.”

Industry expert and BHZP General Manager Dr Conrad Welp explains why Germany’s piglet producers should be familiar with BHZP.

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At BHZP we are very closely involved in matters relating to pig production in Germany, including issues of social importance. Pig breeders, for example, have different interests to growers and finishers, so we have designed BHZP to address these diverse interests. Our mission is to provide high-quality products and services that are driven by our customers. Our services are naturally provided and used in various forms by target groups within Germany, and to achieve this we rely on internal and external training programmes. Our success confirms that this is the right approach, as borne out by growth in all areas of the company. We are proud of the fact that we are still expanding here in Germany, despite market conditions that are known to be the most difficult in Europe. Do you want to get ahead? Then send us your application – we look forward to meeting you.

Our good image makes us a sought-after employer.

We offer unusually diverse career opportunities and openings in the field of pig production; from indoor husbandry, high-tech IT, the presentation and communication of serious scientific findings, animal health/welfare, consultation, sales, administration to transport and logistics. Want to come on board and help shape the future? Then send us your application – we look forward to meeting you.

We invest in training, personnel development and internal communications

Our Veterinary Association provides us with highly qualified vets and is authorised to train specialist pig vets. We train young people to become stockpersons at our primary breeding centres. We also offer our staff a wide-ranging internal/external training programme covering various fields. We are currently developing special trainee programmes for different occupations within our corporate group. Are you looking for a career with prospects? Then send us your application – we look forward to meeting you.