Stable herd health. db.Ego – my closed system

Homebred restocking pays for itself! db.Ego homebred restocking is tailored to your piglet production operation and provides an interesting alternative to buying in replacement gilts. BHZP offers three db.Ego plans which can be flexibly configured and adapted to suit your individual situation. With db.Ego you can avoid buying replacement gilts from outside or reduce the numbers bought in, safeguard the health of your herd and take pride in your personal breeding success.

Nucleus herd with grandparent gilts bought in

If you opt for EgoFit with grandparent gilts bought in (db.03 or db.01), you can restrict animal movements on your farm and so stabilise the health of your herd. Grandparent gilts only are brought onto the farm – in low numbers (approx. 4% of the herd) and with long breaks in between – and then used to produce hybrid sows. The pure-bred breeding stock can be purchased at different ages. Genetic progress on the farm is ensured by importing grandparent gilts and using breed line semen. This form of homebred restocking is already successfully implemented with smaller herds.

Nucleus herd with homebred grandparent gilts

With EgoPlus the farm forms a completely closed system. No animal movements take place, so herd health remains stable and protected. The sow herd consists of approx. 90% hybrid sows and approx. 10% pure-bred breeding stock. A small proportion of matings for the pure-bred breeding stock are pure-line (e.g. db.03 x db.03), while the majority are crossbreed matings to produce hybrid sows (db.01 with db.03). The genetic progress of the entire breeding company is transferred to the farm via the semen. This form of homebred restocking is only suitable for larger herds.


With this two-breed or criss-cross rotation, you start with the modern hybrid sow (db.Viktoria) and alternate between semen from one of the two sire lines db.03 and db.01, making sure that each subsequent female generation is always paired with the opposite breed to their sire. In the long term, the genetic ratio of the criss-crossed sows works out at approx. one third to two thirds, with the last used sire line accounting for two thirds. The great advantage of EgoFlex is that the whole herd can be used as breeding stock. With this system, the semen alone transfers genetic progress to the farm so the herd is completely closed. This system can also be applied in smaller herds, where it successfully stabilises herd health.