Try db.Software for yourself!

Click HERE to download and install all the installation files using the "db.Webtransfer" program.
System requirements: Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 10

Start without using existing sow planer data.

When db.Planer first launches, double-click on the farm line to select "empty farm". “Empty farm” means there are no sow data available in this account, but the account is defaulted to optimal use. From the first data entry, you have 90 days to fully test db.Planer. db.Planer sends you an automatic reminder of the expiry date three weeks before the 90-day trial period ends. Send or fax us the order form to obtain a licence to convert your trial to a subscription. And don't worry, we won’t delete your data when the trial period expires. As soon as you activate your licence, you can access all your data again.

Why not test it with your own sow planning data?

If you have been using another sow planner software you can use these data to test db.Planer. We can help you migrate your data. Call us on 00 49-(0)5851-944-138 to schedule this one-off, free service. 

Do you want to see what db.Planer can do for you?

Double-click the "demo data" line to select the test farm when you first launch the program. Sow data has already been entered for this farm. Please note that the data for this farm is not up-to-date. To view the production analysis, for example, start the calculation for the suggested timeframe.