Just the way you want: Our db.Planer uses a traffic light approach developed to satisfy the strict demands of piglet production and breeding farms and which is continuously updated to the latest requirements. Itd integrated production analysis function meets the exacting requirements of consultants, producer rings and breeding organisations.

Your new best friend:
db.Planer is your data HQ

Piglet production and pig breeding is a challenging job, and we know how important it is to get a complete picture of your processes whenever you need it. db.Planer offers a range of powerful functions which allow you to do this easily and efficiently.

First up, collection: Enter all the necessary information from your own records and notes into the system to have all your data clearly arranged and readily accessible. Or to make it even easier – use the db.Mobil app to transfer your data to the db.Planer from your Android mobile or iPhone/iPad.

Intuitive use

The choice is yours

Data collection using mouse or keyboard

Data collection made easy

The sows are automatically suggested when you enter your work schedule.

Rapid data collection

Use the mouse to select the data from the selection window

Manage an entire batch with just one click

The batch data collection function allows you to book one operation for several sows at once.