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Why Germany’s piglet producers should be familiar with BHZP.

“Our success confirms that this is the right approach, as borne out by growth in all areas of the company. Even in difficult times, we never had to slaughter any sows. We are proud of the fact that we are still expanding here in Germany, despite market conditions that are known to be the most difficult in Europe.”

Dr Conrad Welp, industry expert and BHZP General Manager

BHZP Boars

1.383 db.77® Boars are currently active and producing offspring!

Semen sales

Between 2009 and 2016 we virtually doubled the number of db.77 semen tubes sold.

Breeding animals sold

Since 2011 sales of Viktoria sows have steadily increased to 125,000 per year.

Customer software

With 3008 applications running on around 2000 pig producer PCs, BHZP db.Planer software is a market leader in its field.