Guaranteed growth: A smart combination of genetics

db.86® is a hybrid boar which combines the strengths of the db.77® Piétrain line with those of the BHZP db.08 Duro line.

This robust terminal boar produces extremely vital and vigorous offspring with good carcass traits, extremely high weight gains and good feed conversion ratios. The offspring of db.86® thus provide the ideal basis for trouble-free pig finishing. The reliable genetic progress of db.86® is ensured by intensive testing.

db.86® performance

The excellent performance of 1804 animals tested in the 2009 progeny testing programme confirm the great potential of db.86®.

Daily weight gain (g) 896
Slaughter weight (kg) 94.32
Back fat thickness (mm) 16.3
Lean meat thickness (mm) 59.6
Lean meat ratio (%) 55.7
Ham (kg) 17.78
Loin (kg) 6.90
Belly meat (%) 51.53
Index (points/kg) 0.974


  • High health status
  • Rigorous selection: Rigorous testing in field conditions at the Spranz central testing station
  • Intensive progeny testing programme
  • Centralised genetic evaluation with optimal weighting of commercially relevant characteristics