Always the right choice

Prefer the well-balanced db.77® Aha or the meatier db.77® Effekt?
The two new product variants of the magnificent db.77®

The db.77® is currently No. 1 on the German market. He is one of the most popular boars in Germany and offers outstanding prospects for highly profitable pig finishing. The homozygous, stress-resistant db.77® is the top-ranking terminal boar in the Piétrain family. In the latest product quality test, the BHZP db.77® scored top marks in several categories to earn his place at the very top of the podium.

We now have the means of differentiating certain characteristics during breeding and production: BHZP has cleverly diversified the db.77® line by creating two robust product variants of the famous original: db.77® Aha and db.77® Effekt. So now you have a choice!

db.77 Effekt
Bred for more meat

Db.77® Effekt is an excellent choice if you're looking for a high meat content. The ‘Effekt boar’ is also a progeny of the magnificent db.77®!

db.77®, the Original: Stress-free boar with excellent meat quality

db.77® progeny exhibit excellent daily weight gain and feed conversion ratios. Their reliable, balanced carcass traits make them the most profitable of all Piétrain variants. Offspring are lively and have above-average meat quality with minimum drip losses. An excellent combination which ensures low losses during rearing and finishing, as well as premium meat-processing quality.

Premium performance at a glance

  • Outstanding weight gain
  • Excellent vitality
  • Reliable carcass traits
  • Outstanding meat quality
  • Optimum feed conversion ratios
  • Low piglet losses
  • Minimum finishing losses

The Eco King!

With outstanding feed conversion ratios and high daily weight gains, db.77® scores highly on traits which are often incompatible: He combines optimum profitability with consideration for the environment.