The Stalwart: Extraordinary weight gain, vitality and optimum meat quality

Even before it is weaned, the db.08 boar demonstrates an impressive rate of development which continues seamlessly to the flat deck and onto the finishing stage. Our priority with the db.08 line was to produce a well-muscled pig with very robust leg conformation.

The meat of db.08 end products is characterised by an outstanding flavour with high intramuscular fat content. Intensive testing ensures the reliable genetic progress of db.08.

The figures speak for themselves

The results of our 2014 performance tests of 447 db.08® young boars at the Spranz performance testing centre speak for themselves:

Test weight (kg) 126.6
Daily weight gain (g) 1,149
Ultrasound - back fat thickness (mm) 7.84
Ultrasound - muscle thickness (mm) 55.93
feed conversion rate (kg / kg) 1:2.36


  • High health status
  • Rigorous selection: Rigorous testing in field conditions at the Spranz central testing station
  • Intensive progeny testing programme
  • Centralised genetic evaluation with optimal weighting of commercially relevant characteristics